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Hermis Maskul by BronyHeresy Hermis Maskul by BronyHeresy
>Psychotically Cheerful Highblood: Introduce yourself.

Your name is HERMIS MASKUL

Joining the CONDESCE YOUTH was the best thing you've ever done. Since joining you have really discovered some RIDICULOUSLY FUN HOBBIES. Which is good. Otherwise it would be uninteresting, since you are NOT THAT PATRIOTIC.

You love shooting sports - Rifle, Shotgun, any kind of gun. This NEARLY CONCUPISCENT GUNLUST makes its way into your gaming, as you enjoy FIRST-PERSON SHOOTERS on your high-end computer and NUMEROUS GAMING CONSOLES. You also like to venture to EXOTIC LOCATIONS for hunting trips as regularly as you can.

And you don't just kill animals with guns either. You make a past-time of EXTREME WRESTLING AND FISTICUFFS. You greatly enjoy fighting animals and other young trolls to death BARE-CHESTED AND BARE-FISTED. You REALLY LIKE TO HURT THINGS. As long as it's all in GOOD SPORT.

Speaking of which, you LOVE SPORTS. In particular, you are a huge fan of BATCATCH, a SLOW-PACED game with LABRYNTHINE RULES. This is admittedly KIND OF NERDY, which is super-embarassing for a macho like you.

It isn't the only nerdy thing you do either. You regularly build FANTASTIC DREAMSCAPES and IMAGINATIVE MODELS with your ABSOLUTELY PREPOSTEROUS CACHE OF CLICKITECHTURE BLOCKS. You sometimes read GRAPHIC SERIALS too, and one time you even went to GRAPHIC-CON dressed as your favorite video game character, TROLL BOOKER DEWITT.

That would be pretty embarrassing if the other Condesce Youths found out, but you are glad you went because that is where you met one of your BEST FRIENDS EVER. He's so cool and you really look up to him. You might even have a SECRET PALE CRUSH on him. But he's a lot older than you, and might already have a MOIRAIL.

You're a little young for romance in any quadrant though, and you know you've got a lot of growing up to do. You keep in contact with him through TROLLIAN. Your trolltag is gregariousAggressor and you tend to be a bit lasy about controlling your zibilant zpeech.
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February 17, 2014
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